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Our Expertise in Consulting Services

Agile coach

Our Agile Coaching Service growth teams and organizations with agile practices for increased innovation and effectiveness. We offer expert guidance for increasing the agile mindset and improved collaboration by facilitating self-manageing practices, accelerating value creation and helping your team reach their full potential.

Leadership coaching

Our Leadership Coaching focuses on overcoming limiting thought patterns and fostering personal development. We assist leaders in developing agile skills, effective conflict management, and leading high-performing self-managing teams, integrated with work on personal growth to inspire and drive agile change.

Workshop facilitaton

Our workshop facilitation service aims to create a mutual understanding among participants, which is crucial for enhancing collaboration and fostering innovation. We develop customized workshops designed to meet specific needs and focus on building solidarity and clarity around common goals, ensuring that all participants leave the session with a shared vision, shared understanding and the necessary tools to promote personal and organizational growth.

Agile Projectledership

The Redconsult Agile Project Leadership service transforms project management to deliver value faster and more effectively, leveraging Agile practices for improved flexibility, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. This approach accelerates project delivery, enhances team collaboration, and ensures projects are aligned with customer needs and business goals.


Revitalize your Scrum practice and promote mutual understanding with our 1-day Scrum Team Refresh course. This course is designed to enhance the team's understanding of the Scrum framework through practical exercises, case studies, and interactive discussions. It not only strengthens individual skills but also the team's overall ability to collaborate effectively, ensuring a uniform approach and optimizing collaboration dynamics. Perfect for teams aiming to renew their agile commitment and achieve a deeper, shared understanding to deliver better results.

Scrum Master

Boost your organization's agility with our top-tier Scrum Master consulting services. With a solid foundation of practical experience and enthusiasm for agile practices, our Scrum Masters are not only experts in their field but also passionate communicators of the agile mindset. They are equipped to tackle any challenge, improve team dynamics, and ensure that your projects not only meet but exceed expectations. Let us help you navigate the world of agility and transform challenges into successes.

Product Owner

Strengthen your agile team with our expert Product Owner consulting services. With a solid background and in-depth experience in agile practices, we offer customized solutions that ensure your product development effectively navigates towards your vision and goals. Our Product Owner specialists are trained to maximize the value of your product backlog, enhance stakeholder collaboration, and ensure value maximisation. Partner with us to enhance your product's success and achieve significant results in a competitive market.

Our Story

Agile Consultants Create Change Together

Redconsult was established in 2012 by founder Jakob Jensen. Since then, Redconsult has assisted a variety of larger and smaller Danish companies in achieving success with agile practices. We believe that all companies can benefit from using agile practices disregarding product development approach.  We are deeply committed to creating change and enhancing our clients' product development through agile practices and the future of work.


We Empower Businesses

Effective Consulting

Working with us presents a unique opportunity for effective consulting due to our extensive Agile expertise, diverse industry experience, focus on individual and team development, and our proficiency in workshop facilitation and evidence-based management. Our ability to adapt Agile principles to various organizational cultures and constraints, coupled with our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, makes us an invaluable asset for organizations looking to enhance their Agile practices. Our dual expertise in technical knowledge and Agile growth journey's ensures that consulting projects not only address process challenges but also encompass technical considerations for comprehensive organizational improvement.

Innovative strategies

Collaborating with us on innovative strategies offers significant benefits due to our agile innovation expertise, diverse sector experience, skilled workshop facilitation, and evidence-based management approach. Our focus on personal and team growth, combined with a profound understanding of both technical challenges and Agile practices, equips organizations to develop and implement creative, impactful, and sustainable innovative strategies. This comprehensive skill set ensures strategies are not only inventive but also aligned with organizational goals, fostering a culture capable of continuous improvement and adaptability.

Professional Expertise

Collaborating with us offers rich professional expertise in Agile practices, demonstrated across diverse sectors and projects. Our extensive certifications and experience in Agile leadership roles, coupled with his focus on personal and team development, make us adept at driving Agile growth jouneys effectively. Our skills in workshop facilitation and evidence-based management ensure that strategic initiatives are both innovative and aligned with organizational goals. Our technical expertise and Agile mastery further enable a holistic approach to overcoming technical challenges, enhancing team efficiency, and product quality. This blend of skills positions us as a valuable partner for organizations seeking to elevate their project management practices and operational efficiency.


Innovative Solutions for Agile Changes

Embracing the philosophy "EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM USING AGILE PRACTICES - LET US HELP YOU FIGURE OUT HOW!", Redconsult has been pivotal in advancing Agile growth journeys that emphasize self-management and collaborative leadership. By implementing Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming, we've not only improved the product value creation and technical quality but also helped establish a culture where teams are empowered to lead and innovate. This fosters an environment of shared leadership and accountability.

Through our work, Redconsult commits to transformative business solutions that foster environments of growth and excellence, achieved through self-management and collaborative leadership principles. Our track record across diverse sectors underscores our capability to elevate organizational practices to new heights, redefining industry standards.


Meet the founder

Jakob Jensen


Jakob has a proven track record in Agile growth journeys, leadership, and technological innovation. With extensive experience across diverse industries, including tech giants and startups, Jakob has demonstrated exceptional ability in driving Agile growth journeys and fostering environments of collaboration and effectiveness. His expertise spans Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming, which he has seamlessly integrated into product development and organizational strategy, leading to significant operational enhancements and business growth.

Jakob's approach is characterized by a deep technical understanding combined with a strategic mindset, making him adept at navigating complex challenges, ensuring project success, and achieving stakeholder satisfaction.

As a founder, Jakob's commitment to continuous improvement, leadership development, and customer-centric solutions continues to drive Redconsult forward, setting new industry standards and inspiring a culture of excellence and growth.


Our Awards and Accreditations

We are proud of our numerous accreditations and recognitions from the industry for our expertise and quality work. We always strive to achieve the highest standards in our field.

Certificeret Coach

December 2022

Expand ICF cerified Level 1 Coach by

Certified agile coach

December 2019

Certified Professional Agile Coach (PAC) by Lean Agile Thinking. certified Scrum Master

April 2023

Certified Scrum Master III by


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